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Go Happy Cup -- Playing Go Is So Fun!

2009 Happy Cup Learn & Play Go Event

"Happy Cup Youth Go" tournament has only 2 spaces left.

"Learn to Play Go" class is full!

This is the Event Flyer in PDF format.

Please use the registration link on the left to register online.

If you want to print out the flyer, this is a more beautiful version (but much bigger).

Which one should my child attend, the Class or the Tournament?

The "Learn to Play Go" class is for children who has never played Go before. In the class, the basic rules of Go will be taught. Students will play a few games against each other, claim some prizes, and enjoy the ice cream party when the class is over.

If your child knew the rules of Go, and played some games before, he/she can attend the Happy Cup Tournament. In the first few rounds, the child may lose to stronger players, but as he/she loses, weaker players will be assigned as his/her opponents in the following rounds. So most children will win a few games, no matter how strong their skill is. No matter they win or lose, every player will get a nice trophy and some prizes, and enjoy the ice cream party when the tournament is over.

How to Register

Please fill the registration form to register online, and pay the registration fee either by check or PayPal. We have limited capacity for the event and will close registration once we reach our maximum capacity. So please register early.

Date and Time

The Happy Cup Tournament is 1:30PM -- 5:30PM, and the Learn To Play Go class is 2:30PM -- 4:30PM. There is an ice cream party at the end for all children and their parents.


This event will be held in the MorningStar Chinese School (Building D, 890 Pomeroy Ave., Santa Clara, CA 95051) on May 24, 2009 (Sunday).

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Go Happy Cup is sponsored by American Go Association Sunnyvale Chapter, American Go Foundation, Bay Area Go Players Association, and Santa Clara Youth Go Club.