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Results of the Forth Enlighten Cup Youth Go Tournament (2016)

There are handicaps not listed in the following tables. Group A is separated into the following 3 subgroups (strong players first):

  1. (A1) Su Eric and (A2) Chiang Anthony
  2. (A3) Shieh Alex and (A8) Zhang Wilson
  3. The rest players in group A
When group 1 plays with group 2 (or group 2 plays with group 3), komi of 0.5 is used. When group 1 plays with group 3, 2 handicap and 0.5 komi is used.

Group B is separated into the following 2 subgroups (strong players first):

  1. (B1) Lin Ethan, (B2) Ose Takumi, and (B7) Wang Patrick
  2. The rest players in group A
When group 1 plays with group 2, 2 handicap and 0.5 komi is used.

In all other cases and other groups, 7.0 komi should be used.
 Num  Pl  Name  Rank  Co  Club  NbW R 1 R 2 R 3 R 4 CATNBWEXTEXR
(A2) Chiang Anthony5D4 4+/b0 2+/w0 3+/b0 5+/w01499
(A3) Shieh Alex5D3 6+/b0 1-/b0 8+/w0 4+/b01384
(A1) Su Eric5D3 7+/w0 5+/b0 1-/w0 6+/w01373
(A7) Cheng Matthew5D2 1-/w0 7+/b0 5+/b0 2-/w01292
(A8) Zhang Wilson5D1 8+/b0 3-/w0 4-/w0 1-/b011101
(A6) Ta Jonathan5D1 2-/w0 8-/w0 7+/b0 3-/b01181
(A5) Yeh Oscar5D1 3-/b0 4-/w0 6-/w0 8+/b01171
(A4) Liu Ian5D1 5-/w0 6+/b0 2-/b0 7-/w01161
(B3) Hu James6K3 14+/w0 11+/b0 10-/w0 12+/b023107
10  10 (B2) Ose Takumi6K3 12+/w0 15+/b0 9+/b0 11-/w02396
11  11 (B1) Lin Ethan6K3 16+/b0 9-/w0 13+/b0 10+/b02385
12  12 (B6) Wang Jeremy6K2 10-/b0 16+/w0 15+/b0 9-/w02271
13  13 (B7) Wang Patrick6K2 15-/w0 14+/b0 11-/w0 16+/w02262
14  14 (B5) Chien Philip6K2 9-/b0 13-/w0 16+/b0 15+/w02261
15  15 (B4) Shi Aaron6K1 13+/b0 10-/w0 12-/w0 14-/b02192
16  16 (B8) Meng Samantha6K0 11-/w0 12-/b0 14-/w0 13-/b02090
17  17 (C1) Liu Ethan11K4 21+/w0 18+/b0 19+/b0 18+/w03477
18  18 (C6) Chiang Brandon11K2 20+/b0 17-/w0 22+/w0 17-/b032113
19  19 (C5) Hu Eric11K2 22+/w0 20-/b0 17-/w0 21+/b03282
20  20 (C3) Chen Vincent11K2 18-/w0 19+/w0 21-/b0 22+/b03263
21  21 (C4) Chiu Ian11K1 17-/b0 22-/b0 20+/w0 19-/w03192
22  22 (C2) Hsieh Daphanie11K1 19-/b0 21+/w0 18-/b0 20-/w03171
23  23 (D3) Zhang Jonathan16K4 28+/w0 25+/w0 24+/b0 26+/b04477
24  24 (D1) Chen Samuel16K3 27+/w0 28+/b0 23-/w0 25+/w04373
25  25 (D4) Wu Shumi16K2 26+/w0 23-/b0 27+/w0 24-/b042103
26  26 (D2) Ting Ian16K2 25-/b0 27+/b0 28+/w0 23-/w04271
27  27 (D6) Liu Nathan16K1 24-/b0 26-/w0 25-/b0 28+/b04170
28  28 (D5) Chen Ian16K0 23-/b0 24-/w0 26-/b0 27-/w040100
29  29 (E5) Qiao Yixuan21K4 31+/b0 33+/w0 30+/b0 34+/w05466
30  30 (E1) Chou Chancie21K3 32+/w0 34+/b0 29-/w0 31+/b05384
31  31 (E3) Ken Gabriel21K2 29-/w0 32+/b0 33+/b0 30-/w052103
32  32 (E6) Gao Benjamin21K2 30-/b0 31-/w0 34+/b0 33+/w05261
33  33 (E2) Ting Nolan21K1 34+/w0 29-/b0 31-/w0 32-/b05180
34  34 (E4) Chang Naomi21K0 33-/b0 30-/w0 32-/w0 29-/b050100
35  35 (F1) Hsieh Naomi24K4 38+/w0 36+/b0 37+/b0 36+/w06466
36  36 (F6) Lin Darren24K2 37+/b0 35-/w0 38+/w0 35-/b062102
37  37 (F2) Chen Nicholas24K1 36-/w0 38-/b0 35-/w0 38+/b06181
38   (F4) Lim John24K1 35-/b0 37+/w0 36-/b0 37-/w06181
39  39 (F3) Chang Ethan24K0 40?/b0 40?/w0 40?/b0 40?/w06000
40   (F5) Wu Brandon24K0 39?/w0 39?/b0 39?/w0 39?/b06000
41  41 (G2) Wang Dillon25K4 44+/w0 42+/b0 45+/b0 43+/w07488
42  42 (G4) Chen Daniel25K3 43+/b0 41-/w0 46+/w0 45+/w07373
43  43 (G3) Liu Aidan25K2 42-/w0 46+/b0 44+/w0 41-/b07292
44  44 (G5) Chou Brian25K2 41-/b0 45+/w0 43-/b0 46+/b07271
45  45 (G1) Xu Renfei25K1 46+/w0 44-/b0 41-/w0 42-/b07190
46  46 (G6) Li Jenifer25K0 45-/b0 43-/w0 42-/b0 44-/w07080
47  47 (H6) Lin Victor26K3 50+/w0 49+/b0 48-/b0 54+/b08396
48   (H7) Zhu Bryan26K3 51+/b0 52+/w0 47+/w0 49-/b08396
49  49 (H8) Chang Aaron26K3 53+/b0 47-/w0 52+/b0 48+/w08385
50  50 (H4) Yang Enchavy26K3 47-/b0 51+/w0 53+/b0 52+/w08374
51  51 (H1) Chen Anson26K2 48-/w0 50-/b0 54+/w0 53+/w08271
52  52 (H5) Chen Nathaniel26K1 54+/w0 48-/b0 49-/w0 50-/b08190
53  53 (H2) Wang Luna26K1 49-/w0 54+/b0 50-/w0 51-/b08180
54  54 (H3) Zhang Jocelyn26K0 52-/b0 53-/w0 51-/b0 47-/w08070
55  55 (I8) Song Sean27K4 58+/b0 57+/w0 56+/b0 61+/w09499
56  56 (I3) Jin Jonathan27K3 59+/b0 60+/w0 55-/w0 58+/w09395
57  57 (I1) Lee Nicholas27K3 62+/w0 55-/b0 59+/b0 60+/b09373
58  58 (I2) Sobrier Anais27K2 55-/w0 62+/b0 60+/w0 56-/b09281
59  59 (I6) Gao Kevin27K2 56-/w0 61+/b0 57-/w0 62+/b09271
60  60 (I4) Jan Ian27K1 61+/w0 56-/b0 58-/b0 57-/w09191
61  61 (I5) Lin Patrick27K1 60-/b0 59-/w0 62+/w0 55-/b09170
62  62 (I7) Jin Roger27K0 57-/b0 58-/w0 61-/b0 59-/w09080
63  63 (J6) Cheng Celeste28K3 70+/w0 65+/b0 66+/b0 64-/w010396
64  64 (J5) Lee Brian28K3 66-/w0 67+/b0 68+/b0 63+/b010386
65  65 (J7) Tseng Sarah28K3 68+/b0 63-/w0 69+/b0 66+/w010374
66  66 (J1) Wang Yvonne28K2 64+/b0 69+/w0 63-/w0 65-/b0102104
67  67 (J2) Chen Olivia28K2 69-/b0 64-/w0 70+/w0 68+/b010262
68  68 (J4) Jiang Cameron28K1 65-/w0 70+/b0 64-/w0 67-/w010191
69  69 (J8) Lu Cohen28K1 67+/w0 66-/b0 65-/w0 70-/b010182
70  70 (J3) Chan Dalston28K1 63-/b0 68-/w0 67-/b0 69+/w010171
71  71 (K9) Yang Peyton29K3 75+/b0 77+/w0 73+/b0 72-/w0113107
72  72 (K10) Chen Nancy29K3 74-/b0 74+/w0 76+/w0 71+/b011397
73  73 (K7) Yang Xuchu29K3 78+/b0 76+/w0 71-/w0 75+/b011385
74  74 (K6) Chen Machala29K2 72+/w0 72-/b0 77+/b0 78-/w011295
75  75 (K2) Chu Alexander29K2 71-/w0 80+/b0 79+/b0 73-/w011282
76   (K4) Qian Bennett29K2 79+/w0 73-/b0 72-/b0 80+/w011282
77  77 (K3) Sobrier Maxime29K2 80+/w0 71-/b0 74-/w0 79+/b011272
78  78 (K1) Wang Bryan29K1 73-/w0 79-/b0 80-/b0 74+/b011172
79  79 (K5) Zhou Caroline29K1 76-/b0 78+/w0 75-/w0 77-/w011171
80   (K8) Lin Andrew29K1 77-/b0 75-/w0 78+/w0 76-/b011171
81  81 (L8) Lin Brandon30K3 87+/w0 85+/b0 84+/w0 82-/b012396
82  82 (L5) Chen Ian30K3 84-/w0 90+/b0 87+/w0 81+/w012375
83   (L6) Chien Derrick30K3 89+/b0 86-/w0 85+/w0 84+/b012375
84  84 (L10) Chan Doris30K2 82+/b0 88+/w0 81-/b0 83-/w0122115
85  85 (L7) Lin Aiden30K2 86+/b0 81-/w0 83-/b0 88+/w0122104
86  86 (L3) Jiang Ann30K2 85-/w0 83+/b0 88-/b0 89+/b012284
87  87 (L4) Mar Jayden30K2 81-/b0 89+/w0 82-/b0 90+/w012271
88  88 (L9) Zhao Dylan30K2 90+/w0 84-/b0 86+/w0 85-/b012262
89  89 (L2) Zhao Kendra30K1 83-/w0 87-/b0 90+/b0 86-/w012170
90  90 (L1) Wang Elaine30K0 88-/b0 82-/w0 89-/w0 87-/b012080

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