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Go Happy Cup -- Playing Go Is So Fun!

Parents could help us in many ways:
  • We always send out an email before every club meeting. If you don't receive it, please ask us to add your email to the list.
  • We will cancel the club meetings if we are out of town. Please carefully read the email we send out.
  • You may drop off your kids at the club, but please leave your phone number to us, so if your kids want to leave early, we can call you.
  • The parents who stay in the club could help us to:
    • Play with kids who have weaker or similar ranks to you
    • Review the games for kids
    • Help counting stones of end games if needed
    • Help kids find other kids of similar rank to play with. Kids improve the most when playing with different kids of similar ranks.
  • Please bring a water bottle. We have drinking water for refill, and do not provide other drinks or food. Bring your own food or drinks for your kids if they need. Kids can eat but please do not eat while playing. web site is sponsored by Santa Clara Youth Go Club.
Go Happy Cup is sponsored by American Go Association Sunnyvale Chapter, American Go Foundation, Bay Area Go Players Association, and Santa Clara Youth Go Club.