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Go Happy Cup -- Playing Go Is So Fun!

We are the parents of a young Go player, our son. Since he started learning Go, we became facinated by this excellent game. We also realized that the Go game is such a wonderful educational tool for children to develop creative and logical abilities. Sponsored by AGA Sunnyvale Chapter and AGF, we initiated and organized the annual "Happy Cup Youth Go Tournament" event, started and leading the Sedgwick Elementary Go Club, the Cupertino Youth Go Club, built the web site, and also volunteered various activities promoting Go. We hope that more and more children will get to know Go, enjoy the games, and benefit from it.

-- Yanping Zhao & Wenguang Wang, Players of AGA Sunnyvale Go Club and Cupertino Youth Go Club. web site is sponsored by Santa Clara Youth Go Club.
Go Happy Cup is sponsored by American Go Association Sunnyvale Chapter, American Go Foundation, Bay Area Go Players Association, and Santa Clara Youth Go Club.